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Endurance Technologies and CSP de Colombia enter into exclusive sales and distribution agreement to significantly improve well uptime and profitability.

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Endurance Technologies Inc. (www.endurancetechnologies.com) and CSP® de Colombia (www.cspgroup.com) have announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance via an exclusive sales and distribution agreement for the Colombian territory.

The agreement gives CSP® de Colombia, a leading manufacturer of OCTG Tubular Products, exclusive rights to distribute ENDURALLOY® products for the Colombian market.  By adding this cutting-edge technology to its vast product offerings and solutions for the Energy Markets, Colombia end users will have access to in-country inventory as well as agile and effective technical and after-sales support, including field service and supervision.

ENDURALLOY® provides excellent tubing protection against wear, abrasion, and corrosion, extending string life, optimizing production run time, and reducing the number of workovers required. The potential applications for ENDURALLOY® include deviated or horizontal wells with high side load, high solids producing wells, steam environments with corrosive high pressure and temperature water with salts, CO, and CO2, H2S, acid gases and water injection. ENDURALLOY® Products are complemented by CSP® de Colombia’s products, services, and solutions.

The production capacity, distribution network and strategic alliances of CSP® de Colombia reach customers in the oil and gas industry with customer centric solutions tailored to their unique needs. The combined product and service offerings are designed to significantly improve well uptime, yields and profitability.


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Since 1993 Endurance Technologies Inc. has been supplying field-proven, surface engineering thermo-chemical (thermal-diffusion) process registered as ENDURALLOY® out of Calgary, Alberta Canada for applications requiring superior protection against erosion, abrasion, rod wear, and corrosion.  The process is based on the CVD principles where boron atoms, being in the gas phase, deposit and diffuse into the heated steel surface with consequent formation of iron borides (FeB and Fe2B) with their growth and consolidation yielding a hard and chemically inert protective layer. It is also often referred to as diffusion alloying and pack cementation.


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CSP® de Colombia is a subsidiary of The Corpac Group (www.corpacgroup.com) with operations throughout the Americas.  It’s OCTG manufacturing capabilities include Tubing 2-3/8” to 4-1/2”, Casing from 4-1/2” to 13-3/8” in API 5CT Grades up to P110 High Collapse and proprietary grades.  CSP® TUBO360® solutions include multiple state of the art CNC slotting lines for sand control capable of micro slotting.

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